Here we come 2015!

Happy New Years!

This year has been a pretty good one. There has been much laughter, much love and a bunch of blessings. I don’t remember what my word was for last year anymore. Hmm. Oh well! I still haven’t decided on a word for this year, but it will come to me. I have a few I am kicking around in my head, we’ll see what pops out.

I am feeling motivated these past few days. Having time off to get things done is helpful. I feel like I can do all the things. Some of my goals are becoming more clear and I think they might even be attainable. They are sitting there, just outside my grasp, but they are visible now. Good things!

I’m going to be joining a Pagan book club this year, I’m finishing up the Kemetic classes, I’m about to start up my 101 class I teach again, my group is becoming more solid… Spiritual things make me happy.

Last night my Kemetic class was talking about heka and how anything we say can have power. I have learned that lesson more then once in my life. So I knew at Samhain when I dressed as a priestess I had better be prepared for the responsibility that comes with it. I know that there are frustrations when you are in a leadership position, but there are also awesome moments of fantasticness. I look forward to seeing what my group can do this year. I look forward to seeing how we grow and where we go.

I’ve also started stepping out and trying to get to more events in the community. I will continue to do that in the new year and hopefully will build some bridges with other groups in the area.

The hubby continues to be super supportive and wonderful. I was really happy to see how much fun he had at the Solstice Pageant. He wants to go again next year and told me we should invite his mom. A good time will be had!

We both got Fitbits for Christmas from his mom, which is fabulous. I am motivated by achievements, gold stars, badges and healthy competition. So this has me getting up and making sure I am active. I was happy to see that in my normal day-to-day stuff I am pretty good about moving around, so now I just have to kick it up a notch. We will be fit this year. No more excuses! I have goals I want and this is part of it.

I have a bunch of organizing to do this weekend, but I feel like I got a good chunk of my winter break list done. I plan to start taking my embroidery to work again so I can work on it in the mornings. I’m always there an hour early, I might as well use the time wisely. I do hope to get enough stuff done this year that I can get back to putting things up in my etsy store. I’ve put it in writing so now I have to do it!

This Full Moon I plan to do a little magick. I think I will work on some focus. I tend to get scattered and want to do all the things at once. I need to finish one thing before moving onto the next. Hopefully this will help!

I also hope to get back to doing regular posts. I feel like last year I wasn’t as into it as I wanted to be.

I hope you all had a fun-filled holiday season. What things are you looking forward this year? What are you letting go of and what are you hoping to bring into your life? Let me know, cause I’d love to hear about it!


4 thoughts on “Here we come 2015!

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  1. Happy New Year to you and yours. Last year I took a big step with therapy (thanks to you!) and this year I want to build on that. I have started taking part in an online mindfulness course and I love the structure of it. I find it motivates me to do the meditation whether I feel like it or not. Everything else all comes from that as the meditation keeps me grounded. I am struggling with a chronic health condition (fibromyalgia) and this year I want to focus less on my health problems and more on the positive in my life. Do you have any ideas on how to do this in a spiritual way? I have noticed that you specialise in being positive!

    1. That online course sounds great! Everyone finds motivation in different ways. You could set an alarm on your phone or computer to go off at certain times. When it goes off you take a moment to pray, meditate or be grateful for something. You could find a piece of spiritual jewelry to wear that will remind you to take a moment to connect to the Divine. You could set your desktop wallpaper to something spiritual, you could frame quotes that uplift you and place them in places you will see them. You could start a gratitude jar and at the end of every month or quarter you read through the notes you left yourself..

      Just some thoughts off the top of my head! Good luck Bev, I love to hear from you. 🙂

      1. Thank you! I will give them a try. I like the idea of setting an alarm as that will remind me to be mindful too.

  2. Sounds like you have another fantastic year planned! The Fit bit thing sounds like a good idea. I find tracking and hard numbers pretty motivating.

    Somewhere I saw a word-of-the-year suggestion to write your word on your calendar each month to keep it in mind.

    I definitely understand the “doing all the things” problem! So many things to do!

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