Happy Holidays

The season is fast approaching! I have gotten a few fake angry comments from co-workers since I am on top of my game this year. I like to do handmade things and so I started my gifts early. Every gift (except for one) is finished and wrapped. My cards were all handmade this year and have all been mailed and handed out. I spent a bunch of time this weekend “helping” the wee one make a gift for her mom. She’s pretty excited to have something to hide under her tree at home. Her attention span lasted longer then I thought it would with the project, so that’s good.

The hubby and I will exchange a gift on Yule to honour my traditions and then do the rest of the gifts and stockings on Christmas day. I’m happy with this compromise since I spent my childhood celebrating Christmas and see no reason to stop.

We’ve been back and forth on the healthy living front, but I think we are finally committed. I’ve managed to keep up with the meal planning for a few weeks now and once we get our cook books back from my mother-in-law it will be much easier.

I don’t think I’ll attend any of the Yule events this year. I tend to be too busy doing other things at this time of the year. A co-worker asked for information on Yule to share with her son’s pre-school class, so I helped her with some basics. Apparently his school is talking about all the holidays in December. I think that’s neat.

On the solstice I will probably do a simple ritual for myself, make sure our tree lights are on and light some candles. I’m looking forward to some time off work to relax.

There are so many holidays in December, but I hope whichever one you celebrate fills you with joy.


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