December Full Moon

I had a lovely night. Good company, magick, energy, laughter. I am feeling very blessed in what I have. The hubby always tells me I am so energized and joyful after circle. And it is the truth. My spirituality fills me and all that happiness bubbles out.

I’ve made some personal goals for the next year and by sharing them in sacred space I will hopefully stick to them. I try not to beat myself up too much if I fall off my goal path, because I understand I am human, but I continue to push myself to try.

After my group left I cleaned up a bit and was energized enough to dance around the living room a bit. Before ritual I am often busy with set up, making sure I have what I need, making sure everyone arrives safely and on time… my mind is busy and full of things. After ritual I can just bask in the energy and feel the blessings.

I am excited by the coming year. On Samhain I dressed as a priestess. My hope is to be full of faith and continue on my spiritual path over the next year. So far it has felt good.

Even as we head into the darker part of the year I have that small candle inside me of faith. It illuminates me and my path and reminds me to keep believing.


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