Crafts & the cold

The cold has come. We got some snow over the weekend and I have dug out the warm toque.

We ran around before the snow hit and got our grocery shopping done and also stopped at the craft stores to pick up a few things. Then after a large lunch we settled in to do some crafting.

I know it’s still November, but I like to get gifts and other things started. So we finished up some gifts that we all were making for family members and then did a few other Christmas crafts. The wee one made a reindeer and then we made a wreathe to hang above the fireplace. She requested we play Christmas music so I put a cd on. Then her and her dad drew a very large Christmas scene. I wasn’t allowed to see it until it was finished, so I began tidying up the paints and things while they worked on it.

Once I was presented with the lovely Santa and his reindeer picture I hung it above the fireplace as well. The wee one thought it was great that it looked like they were flying straight for the wreathe. I posted a few pics on my FB and a bunch of my friends told me they were stealing my craft ideas. I could only laugh, I got them from pinterest.

The hubby put up with all the Christmas chatter even though he firmly believes the decorations shouldn’t go up until after thanksgiving. The wee one also drew us a turkey to put on the fridge. She also told me that we get her best art because we have cool supplies. What can I say, Art school forced me to buy a lot of awesome stuff. I’m glad its getting put to use.

We also bought a new xmas tree. The one we bought our first year is tiny and we decided to upgrade to a slightly bigger one. We found one on sale and brought it home. We will be super festive this year! The hubby wants to have a Xmas tree forest. I am not so sure about that logistically, but we’ll see.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing with dolls, playing multiple rounds of go fish and trouble, and watching a few documentaries on the ocean and some My Little Ponies.

I have to say there are some pretty amazing things in the ocean. Although watching things about the Arctic did not help us to feel warm.

I did manage to get some meal planning in so at least the week will start off smoothly. Often Monday is my scramble day, but I am prepared! We’re going to make some sweet potato and apple soup in the crock pot and make a nice big stir fry for lunches. Nothing more delicious than lots of good veggies!

We’ve been doing really well at sticking to our diet with lots of fresh fruit and veggies. And happily we haven’t had to much of a fight from the wee one when she visits over it. She’s even discovered some more fruits she likes. Win-Win!

Now I have to get through the cold this week. I’ve had my flu shot and am filling up on lots of vitamins. Here’s hoping I avoid all the ick this winter!


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