Workshops and magic

Last night I checked out a workshop run by Selena Fox and Circle Sanctuary. It was all about home blessings and how to keep your space safe and full of good energy. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but since I want to get out into the community I thought this was a good thing to check out.

Selena is so friendly and engaging. She put us all at ease and was happy to sit around and chat with everyone before the class and after.

We began the class with her using her singing bowl to make the space into something more sacred and there was a great amount of energy in that. Everyone was toning along with it and the group quickly hit the right notes and the energy moved out. It was very pleasant.

She covered the basics of home blessings, went over different ways to do the actual blessings, what tools you could use, and offered up lots of inspiration for other ways to cleanse and protect the house.

She had 2 handouts for us and also had supplies for us all to make a herb bag to take home. She admitted she had only brought a small selection of herbs along because space was limited in her car, but I feel like it was a good amount.

Once everyone had their bag together she walked us through a visualization to charge it and then we sat and had a question period. People chatted and shared ideas and I made a few notes.

I had mentioned earlier that I had to be subtle in my house and I wish I could have explained more because every time they came back to me there was a feeling like they thought I had to full out hide my faith. I suppose it doesn’t matter in the long run, but it just made me feel a bit odd. Of course though, I didn’t want to have to explain the whole thing.

I know it is hard to know where everyone’s skill level is in a group as well, and several people had mentioned they were new to home blessings, so I feel they kept the skill level appropriate for most of the crowd. As someone who has walked this path for almost 20 years, some parts of it were basic to me, but I also do believe in refreshers and looking at something in a new way. I got a few new ideas as I remembered things I used to do, or as someone offered up a different spin on things.

I did like how Selena mentioned that you do need to do upkeep on wards and blessings. Too many times I see people bring it up and then not mention that it is good to check in and re-strengthen and buff up fading wards.

We went through a few different visualization and she has a great energy for leading you through something like that.

All in all I feel it was a nice night out with a great talk and some good tips.


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