Crafts and gifts

Christmas and Yule are fast approaching and so I’ve been busy with crafts. I love to make things for the people I love. I know some people don’t understand handmade gifts. They don’t understand the time and energy that goes into them, but to me they are beautiful. It is a gift that someone took time to create.

So I have been busy with that and various other craft projects. The wee one has asked me questions about some crafts and so I have plans to find kid projects for her to learn. I am sure she will have fun creating something and it will let her spend some time making a Christmas gift for her mom or other relatives.

We’ve had some interesting conversations over the past few months. While making breakfast one morning, the two of us were in the kitchen mixing pancake batter, she suddenly looked at me and said “We don’t get to spend a lot of time with just the two of us”. I nodded and agreed with her while my brain ran through a million responses. She looked up at me and said “I like it. Its fun to hang out with you.” I smiled and told her I enjoyed it as well.

She’s asked me questions and shared some of her thoughts on being a divorced kid. She knows that I was also a divorced kid and sometimes asks me things about how I felt. I am glad she feels she can trust me with these questions.

I know how tough it is to be in the middle. We try hard to be positive. The hubby always tells her sweet stories about when she was a baby, and cute things about her and her mom so we make sure we are not falling into the cliched trap of badmouthing the other parent. We walk the careful balance of showing we care and are interested in her life, doing our best to remain neutral and positive about her other family and can just hope that no negative stones are being thrown at us from the other side.

Thankfully, one of my strengths is positivity. Someone at work asked if I had been a cheerleader. Haha, we had no cheerleaders in my school. At least that I am aware of. Sports were not the same thing back home as they are here. The hubbies mind is always blown when I ask things like “What’s homecoming?”

Being positive will be harder as the days get colder and we are trapped in the house. Hopefully though, with a good chunk of crafts to work on we will find things to keep us busy and entertained.


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