Mabon 2014

So I kept it simple for this holiday. I invited my grove and a few other friends over for dinner. I’ve been busy and didn’t have time to create a ritual. Since Mabon is very thanksgiving like to me, dinner seemed like a good choice.

The hubby asked me to pick what I wanted and he would cook it. So I found a sweet potato & apple soup in one of our paleo cookbooks. It was simple and easy. I forgot to take any photos of it, but it was a beautiful orange and we garnished it with cinnamon and apple chunks. It is a keeper, we loved it.

I set the table and we had a pumpkin spice candle going. We had bought some apple-honey wine at the orchard so we chilled that for dessert. Our guest list was small, only 2 people could make it, but we had a good time eating and chatting.

We had a simple food blessing that I just made up on the spot. I think it went something like “May we be blessed by this meal, both spiritually and mentally as we create community together.” Then we all went around the table and shared a few things we were grateful for.

After dinner we had some wine and our guests had brought a dessert. We chatted, laughed and just had a mellow time.

It was nice to have people over and do the grown up thing of a dinner party. It did remind me that we need more then 2 chairs for our table…but we made do with our computer chairs as well. Our red and black plates and bowels looked lovely with the orange soup.

We turned the wheel with friends and laughter. It was a good night. I hope you all had a beautiful first day of Fall!


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