My second week of work went ok. I am slowly getting trained in things, but still feel useless. Such is the way of new jobs. I think it will be ok but I am still feeling out the rest of the staff.

I started making Christmas and Yule gifts. I’ve got plans for a few different things, I just have to get going on them. Getting home earlier helps with that. The hubby is on board with the home made gift plans and is even trying his own. 🙂

I’ve also invited some other crafty people over to make cards in a few weeks. I want to get my fall/samhain cards done and in the mail soon. It will be fun to have company and be social.

My tarot day went ok. A couple of people showed up and we chatted and played with our decks a bit. Nothing too intense, but still fun to socialize. Later that night I went out to one of the local pagan meet ups and chatted with some others.

I’m going to try and run another 101 this fall, now I just have to get it all organized. For Mabon I am just having a dinner and have invited a few people over. Something simple since I did not have the energy to plan anything big.

I also ordered something from an online store and I am beginning to wonder if they ripped me off. 6 days and my order is still pending and no communication. I have emailed them and will hope for the best. I couldn’t find anything either negative or positive about their store, so… fingers crossed.


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