Into the Fall we go

It got cold here. I know it snowed at my mom’s house and all I can think is “Too soon!”

My first week of my new position went well. I will have a million questions and I am still in the awkward getting to know everyone and everything stage. I am sure I will settle in quickly, I adapt and go with the flow.

We have a workshop coming up and all had to take a test where it asks you a bunch of things about yourself and you only have 20 seconds to answer. Then it calculates your strengths. It probably won’t surprise my long time readers that my number one strength is…. Positivity.

Yes, I look on the bright side of life and do my best to encourage and cheerlead and all that. I don’t think I would have ever put it as my number one strength, but apparently it is. When I read through all the descriptions for all 5 of my top strengths I was nodding along. It is me. Now I wait for the workshop to see what I am supposed to do with that.

We’ve been working in the kitchen. The hubby had planted pepper plants this summer and holy cow did they deliver. So he pickled some so he can add them to his chili and things this winter to spice his food up.

pepper-treeI thought the inside of that one looked like a tree. Nifty. I’m happy he got to pickle them because I do not like spicy food and I always feel bad that he has to cool down things for me. Now he can add these to spice things up and everyone is happy.

So many peppers

Our flowers started to bloom, I just hope they make it through this cold snap. They are all climbing over the railing to find the sun. I’ve enjoyed watching the bees buzz around.

pink-flowersThis weekend I am having some people over to play with divination tools. I’m rusty with my cards and it will be fun to just sit around and play. I’ll pull out the runes and my decks and just get back in tune with them.

It will also be nice to have some witchy conversations. I’m going to attempt to have more social events that are pagan related, and maybe even get out to some of the pagan coffee nights. My new work schedule makes things a bit easier in that regard. Plus with the football season coming I can plan things for when the hubby is out doing the sport thing.

I am resisting the idea to turn on the heat today. Instead I am in my hoody and snuggled under a blanket. We’re actually going to be outside for most the day so I hope it warms up. Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Into the Fall we go

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  1. Hmm… 25 degrees here today. We sat on a porch all afternoon. Fall feels far off in Vancouver.

    I’m glad your first week went well too! It is overwhelming and tiring to learn so many new things and meet so many new people, but fun too.

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