TGIF: Long weekend!

This week has lasted far too long. I have been tired, and my days feel longer since I am training new staff. It is very hard to just sit and watch someone work. I will be happy once everything is done and I can move onto new things.

Summer feels like it has vanished. I can’t believe we are already at the long weekend. That hint of chill in the mornings reminds me of when I was getting ready to go back to school. Summer where did you go?

I can’t wait to sleep in and relax. We’re going out again this weekend, simple plans to go hang out with a friend. But it is nice to begin having a social life again.

I also can’t wait to clean my house. A few weeks of long hours and crazy weekend schedules have thrown me off. I am edgy with the mess. It has to be dealt with. And I will. Years of working in the stock room has made me an efficient cleaner. When I have space to put things where they belong I am a master of household item tetris.

I have craft projects waiting to be started. And my photo challenge is almost done. I’ve made it through. Who knows, maybe if I do it again other people will join in. I had fun and I hope people have enjoyed the photos.

I have to start prepping for seeing people during the day again. My new spot will have much more traffic at work. That will be interesting.

I have Mabon plans to think about. And other rituals to prepare. Hopefully this weekend I can sit down and get some of that done and get a few emails sent off. There will be more magick.


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  1. Here, there was a fall feeling in the air for the first time today. Sad to feel the summer ending, but I do love the autumn!

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