TGIF: Good things

So my procedure went easily yesterday and thankfully the Dr. let me know that everything looks 100% normal. So yay! Of course I have to go back for screening in 5 years, but that’s fine. I can handle it.

I am so grateful to my hubby who was there to take care of me after. He fussed over me all day and today has been sending emails to check up on me. While I was lucky and wasn’t super groggy afterwards, I know I wasn’t 100% grounded. I told him that reality was just lagging a few seconds behind me.

I’m also grateful I decided to take today off since I am still wiped. A night of little sleep, a day and a half of no food, and then sedation on top of it all has left me a bit tuckered out. It was wonderful to sleep in. I’m going to relax and watch a movie later this afternoon.

I decided to look at the whole thing in a spiritual light. Usually when I can’t eat I get super cranky and moody, but I looked at it as a fast to lead me through a journey. That kept me in a mellow frame of mind. And interestingly after I decided that my boss was talking to me and said “Good luck on your journey”.

I am thankful that everything went smoothly. Even the prep was not as terrible as everyone had made me believe. I was thankful to my Goddesses and Gods for it all.

My Aug photo challenge is going well. I’ve had two people who have played along, and I have loved seeing their photos. Feel free to jump in if you wish!

I did a simple ritual on Lughnasadh last weekend. My group will be getting together next week to do ours. Sometimes these things happen late with scheduling. I will be happy to spend some time in their company and build our community. I sat out on my deck surrounded by my plants in the morning light. I prayed, did a little magick and shook my rattle a bit to create sacred sounds.

Outdoors-ritIt was simple and lovely. Sitting down on the deck makes you feel like you are in a miniature forest.

Good things continue to come and I am happy to see all sorts of plans come together.




One thought on “TGIF: Good things

  1. Bev says:

    That’s great all went well for you. It made me smile to see that you also have a cuddly Bast! I got mine from the British Museum when we last visited London. There are some amazing statues of her in there.

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