August Photo Challenge

I like photos. And I love photo challenges, but I started pondering what I would do for one that had a more spiritual vibe to it. And so I brainstormed some prompts and here we go. Feel free to play along if you like. If you want me to see your photos then do the following.

On Tumblr mention me in your post. On Twitter you can tag @stonespiralblog , On Instagram you can tag @stone_spiral_blog

If you post on Facebook, then feel free to post them on my page. And here in the blog world, just link to my page or post in the comments.

If you want to hashtag… well then I guess #stonespiralchallenge

I hope some of you play along and have a good time with it. As I told the hubby… now I need to figure out what I am doing for all the prompts!



10 thoughts on “August Photo Challenge

  1. I will probably cross post. I’m thinking of posting via Tumblr and Twitter. And I may also add a folder to the blog’s photo album specifically for this. I’m really excited for this!

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