New Blog Monday

So something fun! I’m going to list a few blogs I think are nifty and read. If you want to link blogs you think I might like (or my readers might like) then feel free to either link back to this post or leave a comment. It can be anything. Pagan, crafty, cooking, art, fiction… I like to find new things to read.

So to kick this off…

Breathing Space: I’m not sure how we found each other. I can’t remember if she liked one of my posts and I clicked on her profile, or what. Maybe it was through Effy’s blog-a-thon… I don’t remember. She brightens up my day with her photos, pictures, doodles, and her thoughts on the world.

Miranda Creates:   Another non-pagan blog, this one is run by a friend of mine. She always has some sort of crafty project on the go and some adorable kids. She’s fun, and if you like quilts you should check out her creations.

Green Stage Spiritwork: This site has information on Shamanism, spiritwork, art and other spiritual things. Seb is a friend I was lucky enough to meet back before I moved to the USA. Lots of great posts and workshops if you happen to be in their area.

Setjataset: This one is full of information on Greek and Egyptian paths. She’s from Australia so it is always interesting to see her celebrating the other side of the wheel from those of us in the Northern side of the planet.

So go forth and check out some new things to read. Feel free to share some new things for me too!



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  1. Can’t remember how we found each other either, but I’m glad we did. I love your outlook on life and your amazing recollection of dreams. And everything else, come to think of it. 🙂 xxoo

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