Everyday Faith

I ride the bus to work. I stare out the window and enjoy the trees and gardens we pass by. My phone is full of music that inspires me, perks me up or reminds me of my faith. Some mornings I zone out, too sleepy to do much more then watch the scenery as I wake up. Most mornings though I put my earbuds in and reach out to the divine. I pull the golden light down and slowly build up a golden ball around me. I let the energy soak into my shields and cleanse me.

I begin to pray in my head as we drive over the bumpy road. I reach out to my goddess and god, asking for strength, joy and a good day. I thank them for the good things I have. I chat with them and unload any worries. Then I do a short prayer to remind myself I am a child of the divine.

I watch the flowers in the gardens. Smile at any animals I spot. Let my music uplift me. I connect to my energy and prepare for the day.

People often say they don’t have time for their faith. It doesn’t always have to be big rituals with tools and so on. We can find our faith in the mundane moments. Silently pray before you eat on your break. Take a walk and enjoy nature. Pray in the car, on the bus, when entering a million lines into an excel spreadsheet. The simple things can have a big impact on your day. Those quiet times are a great time to connect.

The music currently on my phone:

Pink – Greatest hits.. so far Album
Delta Rae – Carry the Fire Album
SJ Tucker – Mischief, Blessings, and Wonder Albums
Heather Dale – The Gabriel Hounds Album



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