We’ve managed to stick to our healthy eating routine for a few weeks now. We did have a small break when we went away for the July long weekend, but even then we were sticking to mostly healthy foods. I am enjoying my spinach salads. Spinach was one of those things I was hesitant to try, but I’m glad I did. I toss it with some tomato, cucumber and then whatever other veggie we happen to have. I found a raspberry acai vinaigrette that has no high fructose corn syrup (or any corn syrup) in it. It is tasty.

We were also happy to have a food success with the wee one. We’ve been trying random veggies lately as our new food to try and cauliflower was a success. So much so that she went home and told her mom and now she’s eating it regularly. So yay. Sadly avocado and broccoli were misses. Cucumbers she is still undecided on. She ate all the ones on her plate, but wasn’t sure how she felt about it. So we carry on with new things. Goat cheese was another win, but hummus was not.

Our long weekend was spent in the woods with his family. I spent a bit of time out on the dock doing the LBRP and meditating one of the mornings. It was so nice and peaceful. It’s been awhile since I fell asleep listening to frogs and loons and other creatures. I had a few moments of connection with the divine and was reminded of how important it is to get out into nature. I did some journaling, did a bit of tarot work, read tarot for a family member and caught my dream journal up a bit too. I even did a tiny bit of art journaling and embroidery. It was great to bond with the family more, to relax and be away from screens. We came home feeling pretty refreshed. Which was necessary since the following week was less relaxing then I would like.

We were out late last Friday night and came home a bit stressed out and super tired. When we got home it was dark and the almost full moon was high in the sky. My hubby decided to channel the stress into something lovely. As I was digging things out of the car, he went into the garage and grabbed the bubbles we had there. He came out and blew large bubbles all around me and I laughed and began to chase them a bit.

A joyful bit of full moon magic. Sometimes it is the simple surprises that work the best. The tension left us both and we headed into the house with smiles.

There was no actual full moon ritual for me as we had the wee one, but I will catch up with my group this weekend. I hope everyone else is having a relaxing summer so far!


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  1. Congratulations on sticking with your desired changes and with some food success with the kid. Maybe squash with maple syrup or brown sugar would be a future win?

    1. We’re actually going to try sweet potato and some maple syrup next. She likes sweet potato fries, but we want her to try it without all the gunk that goes into processed foods. 🙂 And also maybe beets with something else.

      1. Oooh, good idea with the sweet potatoes. Beets are great with goat cheese, since that’s already OK with her. Russ thought he didn’t like green beans until he tried them lightly steamed (his mother used to overcook them) with goat cheese sprinkled on top – goat cheese makes everything better!

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