Solstice Dreams

This is a dream/astral post, full of the randomness that my brain puts together at night.

Solstice dreams….

I was at work and found on my desk a handmade besom. It was simple and made out of a mop, but someone had taken the time to paint it and decorate it. I wasn’t sure who had gifted it to me, but I proudly held it up and carried it out of the office.

On a beach laying in the sand. Next to me is a dolphin, and I splash the water rolling in over him. We’re on the beach because there is something in the water. But I realize as the tide comes in that there is something wrong with the water itself. It is dirty and oily and strange bugs are appearing in it. I can see the clean water further out so the dolphin and I splash in and swim through the ick. As we reach the open water I realize we were in a small cove and on the other side of the rocks is the rest of the beach where everyone hangs out.

The dolphin lets me hold on and it swims me to shore. I stagger up onto the beach and realize I’ve been missing for days. I start explaining how the dolphin and I bonded because I had helped them when they were injured. I communicate with it and tell it to head home and rest. My friends wrap me in a blanket and lead me up off the beach.




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