TGIF: Days off

I took today off as I needed to use up one more vacation day before fiscal year end. I managed to get out to the DMV and do what I needed to do within 20 mins, got to have a lovely walk in the sunshine and then came home to clean the house up. I indulged in a nap and it was lovely.

We’ve been working hard at meal planning and eating healthier. The next few months we’re going to get more strict with our diet. No more eating out. Our grocery cart is often full of fruit and veggies and we read the labels of things carefully. I’ve been detoxing a bit since we started having smoothies for breakfast, but I am feeling like I have more energy.

I’ve been practicing on my ukulele while the hubby practices on his guitar. We’ve picked a song to learn together and so we sit and strum and pause, and strum some more. I’m sure the neighbours wish we’d play something else.

Next week I’ll have my group over. Its been awhile since we got together so it will be nice to catch up. I keep thinking about whether or not I’ll run another 101 class in the fall. I’m not sure where I would fit it into our schedule, but at the same time its a good way to meet new pagans and keep my basic skills in practice. We’ll see what happens I guess.

I’ve had a few weird dreams with other people I know in it. I think I’ve been wandering in my sleep. I know I have crazy dreams, but when they get crazy in a way that isn’t normal for me I have to ponder where I’ve been.

I’ve been taking time for spiritual moments again and I appreciate the blessings that this brings. Sometimes the news gets me so depressed, but I am happy to step away and watch the birds or look at the flowers and feel the energy of the world around me. It gives me hope when the news is full of ugliness. Its the simple things sometimes that lift me up.




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