TGIF: Weather, books and music

It has been a crazy week. I feel like I have walked around going “huh what?” all week. I know Mercury is in retrograde, but I don’t think I can blame everything on poor Mercury. We’ve had crazy weather which has led to little sleep and that just makes me a zombie.

But! We survived the week. So woo! Everyone give yourself a hug or a cookie. We deserve it.

I wrote about the tornadoes earlier this week. After that there was a wild thunder-storm that ripped some more trees up and we lost one little tree and half of another tree at work. Poor trees. As we’ve driven home every night this week I’ve spotted other trees that have lost branches. The wind has been crazy. Every time I turn on the weather channel there is another thunderstorm, or flooding or a tornado somewhere. I suppose it is storm season, but last year wasn’t like this for us.

I actually sat down this week and practiced some of my French and some of my ukulele. I’m trying to learn a song since I think it will make it easier for me to figure out chords if I am actually using them. My fingers are not enjoying the pushing on the strings or the being held in weird ways, but they will adjust. I am determined. Music is important and I want to make sure there is lots of it in my life.

I don’t think I’ll ever play my ukulele in circle, but I will play my drum and my shakers. I just have to make sure everyone in my group learns the chants well enough that we can start to add in the instruments and rock out. We’ll get that energy going.

I’ve got several books on the go. I just finished French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon. I like to learn about other cultures and I also want to make sure that I am opening my food horizons and that the wee one is as well when she is here. Our first adventures in new foods went well last time. We’ll see how it goes in the future, but I think as long as we relax and have fun it will be ok.

The fun thing for me about the book was the fact that the author also lives back in my hometown when she isn’t in France. Its the little things that make me smile. I’ve been a bit homesick off and on as I see the pics of the cherry blossoms and listen to my friends talk about stuff they are going to do this summer. It just makes me more determined to make some friends here so that we get out more.

On that note I could have gone out tonight, but I have been dragging all week. I got home and was ready to crash by 8 pm. The fact that I am still awake is amazing to me. The next few weeks will be interesting as our schedule changes again. The hubby has a new job and it means our commute has gotten more….interesting. Always an adventure!

I’m fairly certain our house fairies are happy. My indoor rose bush is a monster! It has grown so tall and is sprouting all sorts of new shoots and things. And our aloe is huge as well. I have never had this kind of luck with indoor plants, so it must be the spirits and the fey folk. I bet they like having a place to hang out.

This weekend there will be crafting and I think some energy work. I’ve been having some interesting dreams and I think I should also sit down and do some journaling. There might be a message coming through. And with the solstice I think I’ll do a small circle or something. Not sure yet. Perhaps I’ll drag the hubby out for a walk in a park. Maybe we can sit and relax and I can meditate and connect with the earth.

What are you all doing for the solstice?


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