I got to experience my first tornado the other night. As someone who really wanted to go into geology and study natural disasters, I can say it was interesting. On the flip side I am realizing how very lucky we all were. There were no deaths, no serious injuries. A lot of damage was done, but we were lucky. Other towns have not been as lucky.

The news told us that it wasn’t just one, but two tornadoes in our area. Everyone at work was all “Oh its fine, that happened over there” and I got to say “Yes, that is where I live” Awkward silence.

I am grateful for many things. Grateful for the alert on our phones that gave us time to get up and prepare before the sirens went off. Grateful that our neighbourhood didn’t have any serious damage. Grateful that despite all the property damage to the town no one was hurt.

We got several alerts that night and had to get up and out of bed a few times. And then suddenly the storm was gone. I can appreciate the power of nature. It was pretty amazing to listen to the wind and rain and thunder. I sat watching the radar on my phone and thought about how many people think they can tame nature and then something like this happens to remind us of how powerless we are.

Coming from an earthquake zone I am used to no warning. It was a little odd to sit and wait and wonder if something was going to happen. I was fine during the storm, it wasn’t until the next day when I saw the damage and thought “Holy crap that could have been us” that the fear crept in. As I stood on our balcony and looked at the hunk of someone’s wall that landed in our back yard I thought. “We were lucky.”

Last night I prayed and thanked the Lady and Lord for all they have done. I hope that as the storm season continues we all stay safe. And to listen to the warnings, no matter how inconvenient it might seem at the time.


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