My day

Its my day today. So I booked the day off work and have had a lovely time doing whatever I want. Of course, doing what I want has included doing the laundry, dusting and vacuuming the house and going out for a small walk. It’s strange how the simple things can please me. I don’t think I will have any cake this year, but I did get myself cookies at lunch.

If you follow my tumblr, instagram or fb page you will have had the flood of photo spam as I tided up my knickknacks and snapped random shots. I rearranged my dresser and all the little things on it as I dusted. Once I was done all the cleaning I had a good long shower and then, once I was clean and my house was clean I sat down to do a little magick.

The mess in my jewelry box. Pretty with all the colours.
The mess in my jewelry box. Pretty with all the colours.

I did the LBRP to recharge myself. I spent some time sending cleansing energy around the house to go along with the mundane cleaning. I danced a bit, played my drum and then sat down to meditate and visit the astral.  I did a little cleaning in my astral space as well to echo all I had done here. Now I feel I am starting my new year all fresh.

My Ladies were there. I spent some time chatting with them. At once point Isis appeared and ran her fingers through my hair. A braid appeared with 3 golden beads. I’m not sure what that means, but it was pretty. Another goddess appeared and shot a bow, and where the arrow landed an oak tree began to grow. Freyja danced with me and then sent me off to the woods to dance with the Horned One. My dancing God always makes me smile.

My animals were there and I spent some time with them before heading back to the center. Bast told me to pick my cards and then I stepped back into myself.

I’m not sure what my tarot cards are telling me, but I shall ponder as I stare at them.

Small space for the God. The fountains face makes me giggle.
Small space for the God. The fountains face makes me giggle.

This morning my FB page was flooded with sweet things. I am lucky. I am blessed with so many loving and kind people in my life. It makes me realize that even though I do have a few enemies I have far more friends and loved ones. And the reason I have all these wonderful people in my life is because I am a good person. Despite what a few naysayers may think. I have worked hard to cultivate goodness in my life and hopefully I can continue to do so!

ankhsI placed offerings in thanks. Water and Vodka are what I have been using lately. It works for me and apparently works for my Ladies and Lord. Everyone’s ideas will vary. Always go with what seems right to you. I try my best to stay out of most of the drama around, but I think everyone who knows me knows that my thoughts are pretty consistent. Do what works for you. Follow your path. BE you.

Sometimes I struggle with being myself. Sometimes I have moments where I feel like I have moved to the land of conservative. Slowly though, I am finding what makes me comfortable, pushing myself when it is needed and I change as needed. Growth is important. Being true to myself is also important. I’m finding my balance.

candleThis year has had its moments, but I am happy. I hope to continue to be happy, to be me, to grow, to find my spiritual moments, to inspire others, and to be supportive of my loved ones. The Wheel turns and I dance along my path with it.



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