Healthy things

We fell off our healthy wagon for a few months. The hubby put his back out, then was sick, then I was sick, then he was sick… and before we knew it months had gone by. I keep a chart of when we visit the gym and there are a few months where there are only 2 check marks. Arg.

We sat down on the long weekend and had a good talk about it. We’re going to go back on a diet, get back to meal planning, get back to the gym and make some rules about food. For me, I’m cutting my dairy down to only a few times a week. I know I feel better with less in my system, but damn it all.. WI has all this cheese.. everywhere…so I will have to be strong. For both of us we are going to limit our eating out to like twice a month at most. If we get back to our meal planning it won’t be such a problem.

I’m walking more again because I’ve had reduced hours at work so I’m off earlier than normal. So back to the bus for me. And the hubby will be working in a new area soon and won’t be able to pick me up. So I will get a solid walk in daily again. Which makes me happy, I missed it from before. It will suck when hours go back to normal, but oh well.

We’ve gotten back to smoothies for breakfast, and we’ve been finding healthier snack options. Good things will come from this. We felt so great last November when we ate so well.

I’ve also started taking a multivitamin daily, which I probably should have been doing for years. We’ll be healthy!

I’m getting back to my spiritual practices again too. I still want to check out the UU church sometime, and it looks like the pagan community might finally be getting better organized. Maybe I’ll be able to make it out to things. It seems easier in the summer then the winter. We have more options for meeting places at least.

The Lady has been dropping little blessings into my lap here and there and I am thankful. It makes the harder days easier when I have those moments to look forward too. I’m getting back to praying and we’ve gotten back into our gratitude habit at dinner time.

Our garden is growing and we’re spending time out on the deck enjoying it. Those moments calm me and I’m happy to be a green pagan. I always wanted plants and a garden so I’m glad I finally have a space for it.


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