TGIF: Some weeks…

There are weeks where work wears me down. I sometimes think I am far too compassionate to be in the position I am in. I get these sad, heartbreaking tales some days. Other days people think I am a verbal punching bag. All I can do is remind myself to breathe and ground.

My coworker banged her head against my office door a few times today. I felt like doing the same. There is tension in my neck, but the week is over and I am going to do my best to let the frustration and all that go.

Next week I have a short week. I took a day off to relax. I shall sleep in and enjoy the sunshine and do whatever I feel like doing all day. Its important to have a day like that for yourself. Mental health days are important.

I had an incredibly vivid dream last night. I’ll get around to writing it up and posting it later. I’ve been remembering to pray and spent a bit of time meditating this week. I’ve been enjoying the sunshine and getting to be outside more. I’m going to enjoy it while the weather is nice and hope I’ve got a different situation when it gets cold again.

For now though the mundane of grocery shopping calls. Although admittedly I love grocery shopping. It makes me so happy to be around all the food and the bright lights. So perhaps this is a great start to the weekend!


2 thoughts on “TGIF: Some weeks…

    • Yea, thats for sure! I am missing all the stat holidays we had in Canada.. lol But now that I am past my 6months I can use my vac/personal/floating holiday time. And I will. oh yes.

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