Quiet spirituality

This long weekend was very needed. It has been good to kick back and relax. Its been a bit odd to shift holidays as back home the long weekend was last week, but its all good. We’ve enjoyed the sun and so has our garden. The plants are really starting to perk up.

I’ve been grateful for many things lately. The warm weather coming back, time with my family, laughs and giggles with my love, good food and exercise. I have been missing the spiritual though. Most nights I fall into bed and am out like a light which means I’m not meditating, or doing astral work or praying. Based on the really active dreams I have been having though, I think I am getting some work done on in other realms.

The Goddess has been helping and nudging me about certain things the past year. I started working on the things she wanted, but I know I have been lazy lately. I know that there will be quiet times, but I am missing the community magic I used to have. Hopefully this summer I can change that. The nicer weather will make it easier to meet with people and get out and do things. Its been such a long winter.

I’ve been leaving offerings here and there, praying during the day, and dreaming so many different things at night. I asked for something and received it, now I shall work on the thanks for that.

Mostly I feel blessed. Even when I see all the posts of fantastic rituals and gatherings my friends back home are experiencing I am not so jealous anymore. There is a wistfulness of course because I will always miss them, but I am not filled with the “arg! I wish I was there” anymore.

Things are simple these days, but I have ideas again and so hopefully things will grow.


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