Dream: Zombies, magic and fights. Oh my!

This is a dream/astral post, full of the randomness that my brain puts together at night.

The dream started out by the seashore. I can only remember little bits, but I know I’ve dreamed of it before. The dream took me to a busy city. The streets were cobblestones and the buildings around us were a terracotta stone. The street was crowded and I was with some other people. I knew that somewhere in the crowd were some zombies that were chasing us. The necklace I was wearing began to vibrate and then slowly glow. Before I could stop it the star shaped crystal turned pink and shot up into the sky, detaching from my necklace. As it brightened a pulse of magic came from it and the entire street froze. The light was blinding for a moment and I looked around to see that everyone else was frozen with white eyes. My friends and I ran down the street and ducked down an alley.

Suddenly it was night and we hid under a metal structure that was covered in navy blue cloth. We were arguing about the zombies. Someone was trying to say that it wasn’t their fault and they could be cured. I pointed out that it didn’t matter whose fault it was because they were what they were.

As we spoke one of our group ducked out of the shelter. We heard her get caught, and we went out to find a group of woman in dark blue robes. They had surrounded her and had her in the center of their circle. They were doing something to her. I tried to break through the circle but they held fast. I could see what they were doing and so I slammed my hand into the shoulder blade of one of the girls and wrenched it. Her arm came off in my hands and that was the break in their magic I needed. I entered the circle and began to fight with the girl torturing my friend.

I woke up then.

My hubby laughed when I told him about the dream. He says he never dreams crazy things like this.


3 thoughts on “Dream: Zombies, magic and fights. Oh my!

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  1. Interesting, it has similarities to a novel I just finished writing. I always have crazy dreams like that, but my hubby doesn’t. My son doesn’t either. Maybe it’s a girl thing.

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