Here, there, everywhere

Its been a hectic few weeks. I was blessed to get to spend some time with my family via a small vacation. Its been nearly 2 years since I saw my mom and sister, and I needed it. Even though the time was brief, it was good to have that reconnection to my roots. We were lucky, my mom has a time share and so the vacation was super cheap. So much was covered by it, and it also got us discounts on all sorts of things. I admit when my mom first bought it I was skeptical and thought she had been suckered into something, but seeing it in action and hearing the benefits has made me a believer.

I spent a lot of time when I was young worrying over my family and trying to take care of them that I sometimes have a hard time letting go and removing myself from that place of “mothering”. My mom was a single mom and so much happened when we were little between all the deaths and the crazy drama of our life, the house burning down, all the moving and other stuff, that I always stepped up and was there to help. And with all the distance that has been between us since I became an adult it has been hard to shift my mind into realizing that we’re all grown ups now. Well adults at least. I don’t know if we qualify for grown ups with all the toys and things.

I had a good time with them both. I miss them but I hope to work on making sure we stay more connected going forward. I know its hard with the crazy schedules we all keep, but I’m hopeful.

I spoiled my co-workers by sharing the Canadian chocolate with them. They appreciated it.

Then we got to go see my step daughter perform her ballet. She was amazingly good. I always love to learn about other faiths, and see other worship so it was really interesting to be at a Christian ballet where the point was that they were dancing to worship their God. Some of the references went over my head, some of the statements made weirded me out a bit and my hubby spent a lot of time saying “Now is not the place to ask questions. We’ll talk about it later” I think he was worried someone would hear me asking about things and take us out back and force a conversion on us.

Over all it was a beautiful demonstration. I love dance, I love music and I love worship so it was an interesting evening. It has some incredibly awkward moments after at the reception, but I expected that. As usual, I just try to stay out of the way and be quiet so I don’t cause any issues. It is never fun to stand around knowing everyone is wishing you would get hit by a bus or mysteriously vanish off the planet, but it is what it is. I know I have to work on at least making small talk so it becomes more natural and less awkward, but talking to someone who hates you isn’t the easiest thing to do. I just become awkward. Perhaps staying out of the way is the best thing to do.

Overall I did the best I could in a strange situation. I enjoyed the performance and even enjoyed some of the spiritual aspects of it, had a great time visiting with my step-daughter, and did the best to ignore the fact that the entire building was full of people who would have burned me at the stake.

My mother in law was also up for this event and so we had a great conversation and lots of fun all hanging out together. She got to have some grand-daughter time and it was fun watching the two of them giggle and talk at breakfast. Hopefully going forward she’ll get to see her grandkids more often. We’ve told her she’s always welcome to come down any weekend we have the wee one.

Now I feel like I haven’t spent any time in my house for the past few weeks. Its been a whirlwind of traveling the past little bit, and its worn me down a bit. But I hope to get back to the gym this week, and back on track with my healthy eating. Too much vacation food lately!


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