TGIF: May Day!

Blessed Beltaine to those who celebrate! I hope that whatever festivities you got up to or will be getting up to are fun and safe.

I know there was a local celebration here, but it was a week night and I work later. So that was a no go. But it looks like it was a lot of fun and I hope to catch it next year. I wore some bright colours on the 1st in hopes of bringing some spring energy in. Sadly it rained all day. I always have a harder time focusing on Sabbats, but Beltaine in particular gets me all super energetic and unable to sit still. That made the work day long.

I left an offering on the window sill for my Ladies. I couldn’t find something appropriate for my Lord, but I am sure I’ll find something sooner or later for Him. I did see some cute fairy garden things in a store today and one of them was a mini pedestal with a crystal ball. I think that needs to come home with me.

I have been so tired this week. I blame all the grey weather. Hopefully it gets nicer this weekend so we can get the plants into the big pots. The hubby says this is the summer that will never be. I’m hopeful that we’ll at least have a sorta summer.

As I was waiting to catch the bus today a random man started chatting with me about his garden. He told me all about his pea’s and other veggies and how well they are doing. I told him about my herbs and he offered me some advice on tomatoes. I’m never sure if it really is random or if the spirits of the earth are sending me messages. If so they really want me to plant some peas.

There have been strange dreams all week. And the hubby has been having all these dreams about things happening to me. So I shall make sure to buff the wards a bit and get my butt back to my astral temple to do a bit of work. I have been slacking on that, but mostly only because I am so wiped out lately that I just put my head down and am out.

As the Wheel Turns I hope you have a fantastical and magical weekend!


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