Dream: Witchy shops and walks

This is a dream/astral post, full of the randomness that my brain puts together at night.

I lived above a witch shop that was run by a friend of mine. Her and her hubby and child lived in the back half of the shop. The second floor is where another family lived and then I lived on the top floor. To get to my house I had to enter the shop, go through the back into their house, up a flight of stairs that popped me out into the 2nd floor and then I took a ladder up through a trap door to my house.

It was a bit inconvenient. And one night I came in late and I woke up the baby by accident. I felt bad as I snuck through the dark to the stairs and up to the 2nd floor. That room was very blue and periwinkle and had fancy furniture.

A friend told me how she had gone for a walk one night and met a strange guy. I decided to take a walk and see what I found. I crossed the street and walked past the houses with ornate black iron gates. I started smoking a cigar and thought about the Baron briefly. I blew the smoke up to the heavens as an offering to whoever wanted it.

People looked at me oddly as I walked, but I didn’t care. A man called out to me from his steps and I stopped to chat with him. I don’t remember what we talked about, but as we chatted I saw my friend walking down the street. I called to her and waved her over, but she looked irritated and only stopped for a moment before heading home.

I looked down at my cigar and saw that it was almost all gone. And with that thought I woke up.


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