Rain, rain

The stormy season seems to be here. Rain most the weekend and lots of wind. These shifting pressure systems are doing not nice things to my sinuses, but I live. It makes me wonder if I really was sick all those times back home or if it was just the weather doing crazy things to the inside of my head.

We had the wee one this weekend and it’s too bad it did rain. We had wanted to go out and do some things outside, but alas the weather didn’t cooperate. So instead yesterday we got up early, went out for breakfast, did some grocery shopping, then came home to play ponies and puppies until lunch. Then in the afternoon we all piled on the couch under a blanket and watched movies and had a lazy afternoon. We had to drive through the crazy rain for a bit to take her home, but we had fun watching the rain on the windows and seeing which droplet won the race.

By the time we got home though my head was not happy with the driving in and out of storm fronts. Sinuses are such a pain. I woke up this morning feeling like my head is huge and I’m a bit moody. I remind myself that its good for all the plants though.

Since we didn’t get to work on the patio and get the plants out this weekend, we will hopefully get it done this week. The sprouts are starting to not look so good, they need more space and water. We did go out and buy more pots this weekend so all we need is more soil.

I won’t be doing anything for Beltane this year. We’re busy both weekends around it and I don’t like to celebrate a sabbat 3 weeks late. I know there is some local events going on and that’s great. I’m happy to start to see groups get out there and host things. Hopefully I can make it to one of their events sooner or later. It should be easier with the nicer weather on the way.

I can’t believe it’s almost May. Where did the first half of the year go?



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