Lazy Weekend

The week has gone ok. Half the office was gone yesterday so it was quiet. We ended up taking a long drive last night, but had fun. My mother in law was down to visit and so we chatted about all sorts of things. We had a great discussion over Lent, Easter, vacation, people we know and so on.

As someone who was raised in a non religious household, Easter is just that time when all the chocolate comes out. We always had an Easter dinner at Grandmas, but there was no context about why we got baskets and so on. My hubby shared tales from his youth and his mom had thoughts on it from the Catholic perspective. It was great. I love that we can discuss religion in such an open way. She always asks how my coven is going and is super sweet about asking questions about my faith. She was telling me about an interesting book she just finished about Magdalene. I think I’m going to check it out.

We went out to dinner, and since I try to be supportive and things we all had fish. I like fish, so its no big deal to me.

We stayed up late talking. His mom and I get along great, so we swapped stories about all sorts of things. This morning we lazed about and chatted some more. I loaned her some books and then she took off for home. Archangel was one, and American Gods was the other. Good books!

Tonight we’re going to a local gaming store because they are hosting SJ Tucker in concert. It will be fun to go and hear some good music and be around other people. Maybe I’ll meet some new pagans! Tomorrow we’re going to make Ham and Split Pea soup and chilli to freeze and have all week for dinners and lunches. Yum!

I managed to get into Flight Rising when it had registration open. I’ve been enjoying breeding cute little dragons. Its the simple things that amuse me. So cute! And I enjoy mixing colour combos to see what I’ll get.




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