Dreams: Tornados

This is a dream/astral post, full of the randomness that my brain puts together at night.

So I was in a hospital or maybe a dr’s office. I had been strapped down to a weird seat that looked a bit like an old school desk. The ones where it was all one piece and your seat was attached to the desk. I was up on a high floor and the windows showed me that it was a lovely sunny day out.

The nurse had hooked me up to something and as we were discussing it I looked out the window and gasped. A tornado was heading straight for the building. The tornado had a red center and I stared in shock at it. The nurse ran off and I was like “HEY! I’m stuck” and tried to get out of the chair. The tornado cut into the window, I could hear the glass breaking, and my chair spun around. I closed my eyes and felt the wind rush past me and then suddenly it was quiet.

I opened my eyes worried that I would find myself in the eye of the storm, but it looked like the tornado had changed course and had headed off in a different direction.

When I woke up I told my hubby that I had dreamed about a tornado. (That’s the only detail I told him) He looked at me and told me that he had also dreamed of one. Only his caused a tree to smash into the house he was staying in, and he thought it was weird that it was a sunny day in his dream. We stared at each other for a moment and then he suggested that maybe I had projected my dream into his dream. I wondered if maybe we were both in the same dream place.

Strangeness, but interesting. He doesn’t remember his dreams often but I’ll have to see if we have similar dreams in the future.



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