TGIF: Sleep, gratitude and stuff

It is still Friday! I am sneaking this one in pretty darn close to the end of the day. I probably have notes somewhere to go off of, but I am too lazy to go grab them.

Woo Friday! It was a weird week. A really weird week. People just had weird situations and strange things happening. I was happy to bust out of work today and head out into the sunshine. The day was nice and we went to Costco to pick up some honey. And while there I also got myself one of their soft serve frozen yogurt cups. Delicious.

Why do we need honey? Well my love is going to try making mead. This will be interesting!

Earlier in the week my work went into lockdown. It was a bit bizarre to suddenly have a message flash on our phones and the text alerts start to come in. I happened to be not in my office when it happened and was sent back to my office by some of the other people in the building. It was a strange experience to suddenly be locked in and to have no idea why. It did let me see which of my co-workers would be good to have around in an emergency and which would not.

Thankfully the situation turned out to be a false alarm and we had only been put in lockdown as a precaution. I sure did have a lot of gratitude at the end of it. Some people were grumpy and felt like it was a waste of time. I’m thankful that our workplace responds so quickly to potential threats to keep us safe. The world is a crazy place and I would rather have to deal with an interruption then to have something terrible happen.

The weather has gotten nicer out. We’ve turned off the heat and our seeds are sprouting up quickly. We will probably get some more pots and soil next weekend. Sadly we might get more snow next week so we wait to see. I doubt our plants will get to go outside until May.

We went out tonight to be social. My hubby’s co-worker’s wife had a bday party and they are moving away in a few weeks so it was a bit of a goodbye. Good food, some silly conversations and some time out of the house. Afterwards we went to wander Target to work off some of the food and then came home.

This week we also got to sleep in more often and it was glorious. I love sleep. Love it. Tomorrow we get to sleep in too. It will be beautiful. Of course my brain will wake me up at like 7:30, but that is still better than 5:30am. And if I want I can roll back over and go back to sleep. I mean I am up and its after 10 pm. What madness is this!?

We even managed to get back to the gym this week. Awesome. We hope to be back to our routine next week, because it looks like our colds are finally gone. I hope. Now its just allergy season we have to deal with. In my next life I hope I have sinuses that aren’t so persnickity.

Now I think its time to flop in bed and head off to dreamland. Enjoy your weekend!



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