Dream snippets

Usually I am really good about remembering my dreams. I will wake up with the dream in full colour in my head and can sit and write it all out. But every so often if I’ve been really tired or sick I go through a period where they are just little pieces and haze in my mind.

This week I know I’ve dreamed about my family a few times. I can remember a bit where I was walking with my sister and we were sneaking past some parked vehicles and suddenly she was gone. Poof into smoke. Vanished. I woke up in a panic. I have very strong over protective instincts with my little sister. I had trouble getting back to sleep that night.

I also dreamed about a white horse, and riding it up this really steep street that was crazy bumpy. It was like the street was made of ribbons of stone that were all folded together like lava, and somehow the horse and I ended up in a tall glass building. I don’t think horses should ride in elevators…

There were moments of magic, and me searching for the perfect place for an altar. And possibly some other worldly beasts of some sort. I remember them being purple.

I also have that feeling in the back of my mind that I promised something to someone in my dreams, but I have no idea what. I hope that doesn’t come bite me in the butt later.

We’ll see what the rest of the week will bring.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their dreams! Have you had any really funky ones lately?



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