Spring Equinox 2014

We celebrated a bit late due to some scheduling issues, but we still had a good time. It was a small group and the day was sunny and actually felt warm. We had hard-boiled eggs the night before so we could decorate them after the ritual.

I got the altar prepped and the small group of us gathered around. The ritual was simple. We each received a plastic egg with different divination tools inside. Each egg had a rune, a bead charm, a little inspirational saying and a Lenormand card inside. I had found a site that let you download the cards for free for personal use. I think it was on tumblr, but I have lost the link. I randomly picked a sheet to print out and then cut out a bunch of them. Then I shuffled them and shuffled the runes and put one in each egg.

We also discussed gardens and how to help save the environment by planting a garden that would attract and feed bees. Everyone got some lavender seeds to take home and a list of local plants that would help the bees. Then we shared some of the things we love about spring with each other.

Altarspring1Altarspring2After the ritual we decorated eggs and hung out and chatted. A nice relaxing afternoon. We turned the wheel and hopefully spring is on the way! Today is a lovely day but I know we’re supposed to get snow again this week. Our plants are coming up and soon we’ll get some pots and more soil to transplant them. I look forward to the lovely garden we will have this year and I hope it feeds many bees and butterflies!



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