TGIF: Love and Beauty

Yay for Friday! I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow. All these 5:30 am mornings suck the life out of me.

I was pretty happy this week when we got to sleep in to 7:30 on Tuesday. This meant I got to stay up “late” (10pm) and engage in internet silliness. I had a good time being goofy with my tumblr buddies. Sometimes I forget how just a bit of goofing off can rejuvenate me. Thanks for the giggles!

The seeds we planted on Saturday have taken off. Some of them shot up sprouts super fast. I get so excited watching them come up. Watching the miracle of nature is amazing. I feel like that meme of “I made dis”. I’m all “Look at my green things! Be amazed by them!”

I’m feeling much better this week and so is the hubby. We’ve had lots of giggles this week and feel well enough to snuggle again. It is always weird when we aren’t all tangled up as we fall asleep. I’m glad our colds are going away so we can sleep in whatever position we like and don’t have to be propped up in a mountain of pillows.

This morning as we drove to work he looked at me and said “You are so beautiful. I need a new word for beautiful because you are more than that.” I wish I could say that I responded with something wonderful, but my sleepy brain just sat there so I blinked at him and said “Uh, thank you”. Yes. I am so smooth.

But I think being able to say thank you to a compliment is important. Many years ago I would have responded with “No I’m not, I’m ugly, my hair is a mess…etc” and I would have pointed out my flaws. I still do that on occasion, but I have learned the lesson of being grateful and thankful for a compliment and taking it. I don’t want to throw it back in someones face and make them feel bad for giving me one.

We also managed to get out and take a walk and enjoy the fresh air. It was still amazingly cold, but getting out to look at the world as it begins to head into a new season is fun. It is a time of in-between, as some plants are dying off and new ones are beginning to make their way up into the light.

As I head into the weekend I have plans to clean up the house and get ready for our Spring Equinox ritual this weekend. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Woo for Friday!


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