Astral: Shadow children

This is a dream/astral post, full of the randomness that my brain puts together at night.

I astrally projected last night while sleeping. I didn’t go far as I found myself laying in my bed. I glanced over towards the door and could see a small shadowed head poking out from around the dresser. I stared at it some more and it poked out a bit more. A small shadowy boy stood there. I gestured to him and he came out a bit more. He stood there fidgeting and I said “Ok, you can play in the other rooms if you want, but not in here cause you’ll wake us up.”

He nodded and then headed for the door. As he left another shadow detached itself from the other dresser. A small girl shadow chased after the boy, and behind her was another shape. It moved fast so I couldn’t tell if it was an animal or not.

When I woke up I pondered. Were they spirit children? Fey? some other being? In any case they didn’t give me any bad vibes, and they listened well when I told them to go play elsewhere.



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