Planting Seeds

As it is spring (officially, if not weather wise) we decided to go and get our potting soil and start our seeds. We know some of them won’t make it, and some of them it’s too soon to plant, but we can keep them inside for as long as we need to.

Last year we had mostly herbs on our deck along with an egg-plant, a tomato plant and a jalapeno plant. This year we decided to keep the herbs and expand with more flowers as well. I wanted to do what I could to help the bees out, so I researched what kind of regional plants would work best.

It turns out that many of the herbs we planted last year are also good for bees so that was nice to know.

We went to the store and we all took turns picking some flowers. I had my bee list I wanted to buy off of, but the hubby and my step-daughter also took turns picking out flowers they liked. I think in the end we got a nice assortment. Our deck will be a little garden.

I also got some cactus soil so my poor aloe plant could get transplanted into a bigger pot. Poor guy. I’m sure he will be much happier.

Getting the trays ready
Getting the trays ready

We bought some starter trays and filled them up. We didn’t use all our seeds, so if these don’t work out we can try again in a month or so. We decided that some of the herbs we want we will get from the garden center in a month or two so that we can buy them already potted. I’m sure some other plant will catch our eye as well.

Some of the seeds
Some of the seeds

It was a bit messy, but we got them all done. Last year was the first year we had our balcony garden and we enjoyed it. We loved having the fresh herbs for our cooking.

I also got a small indoor rose plant last year for my birthday and we bought the aloe. The hubby said that maybe each year we could buy a new indoor plant. I think that works.

I can’t wait for someday when we have a full garden to work with, but for now our little balcony garden will do.

This is just my little part to help the bees and the environment. Plus growing our own herbs and veggies will be good for us. It is a way to get out in nature and connect. And I think it makes the nature spirits happy!



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