TGIF: Spring

So spring is here. Or so they say. I’m not sure I believe yet.

We have had some lovely sunny days (but cold) and that sunshine makes me feel like spring might be around the corner. The snow has started to melt a bit too so that helps.

The hubby and I sat down and planned out date nights over the next several months. It was fun to sit down and go through our date box and pick when we wanted to do each thing.

I’ve eaten many red velvet & chocolate easter eggs. I can’t lie. And they were delicious.

I got some more crafts done, but then caught my hubby’s cold so that slowed me down. But I am thankful that it seems to be running through me pretty quick. Yay for my zinc and garlic and getting lots of sleep. I almost feel like a normal human today.

I still have to rearrange my Spring Equinox ritual. But hopefully we’ll get that done in the next few weeks. Better late then never. Plus I just enjoy circling with my friends and the small community we are growing. I’m happy to invite pagan minded friends to open rituals to enjoy the season with us, to build community and to just have fun together.

I look forward to building bridges between my group and other groups. Even if our community stays small it is always nice to have friends to hang out with and share events with.



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