Dream: Words

This is a dream/astral post, full of the randomness that my brain puts together at night.

I was at a party where I was meeting another coven. It was a large group, and they surrounded me wanting to know my magick name, my title and various other things.

I was a bit confused since I hadn’t agreed to join the group yet so I asked if it was necessary. I was told that yes, everyone shared this info.

Finally with a sigh I gave them my title and name and began to share some random info. They grew restless and began to wander off. I ended up standing there being annoyed. They wanted to know this and apparently what I had to say wasn’t important enough to listen to.

I left the room and went into another. The walls, furniture and everything was covered in writing. Layers of writing. An old man was sitting there and he told me that everything ever said in the house was recorded there. I began to search for my words and couldn’t find them. He told me that sometimes they ended up on the outside or the roof too.

I headed to the kitchen where everyone was getting their potluck items ready. I realized I had forgotten mine in another room so went to get it. Ahead of me in the hall was a man talking on the phone. I realized he was speaking about me. He was telling whoever he was talking to that no one liked me, but they needed something from me. I could do something that they wanted.

I hate to be used. This irritated me enough that I turned around and walked out. At that point I was so annoyed I woke myself up.


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