So at the beginning of the year I made a gratitude jar for us. I left a note pad and pen next to it and let the hubby know it was there. I wasn’t sure if he would use it, but I was happy to see him pop a note in every so often.

The jar was kinda small and because I do Project Life I decided we would read them all every few months. So tonight I grabbed it and sat down next to him and we each took turns pulling one out and reading it out loud.

Last week was kinda crappy so this was a nice treat. After we read them all we had a nice long hug and a kiss. I love that we are so grateful for the little things. I love that we are affectionate.

It was also sweet to see that some of our notes were similar. We both seem to be grateful for holding hands and laughing at silly things for example.

I feel pretty blessed to have someone like him in my life. From the incredibly ridiculous conversations we have, to the way we both fall on the bed laughing and snorting, how we have to hold hands when we get into bed and hold them while we fall asleep… and everything in between. He makes me so happy.

I look forward to the gratitude jar being a normal part of our life for many years to come. I have to find a box to put all the notes in. They will be a keepsake.

Speaking of Project Life… I haven’t done much with it yet. I am beginning to think that Jan-March will be sparse as we hide out from the weather and get over whatever bug is going around. I’ll spend some time doing some sort of layouts for those months but I imagine the coming months will be easier to work with.


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