TGIF er… S?

Another long week that ended with an unexpected trip which meant I was away from my computer last night. However, the highlights of the week were…

Being creative! I spent nearly every morning sewing, drawing or writing. It was good to start the day off doing something good for my soul. Although I do wish I could have slept in more.

Holding hands in the car on a long car ride. And making our waitress all giddy because we were so cute. After she took our order she said “Now you can go back to holding hands, it’s so cute, I like it.” Yes, we are adorable in public.

Spending time with some cute kids and family. Even though the circumstances were not the best, it was nice to see the family.

Now we’re home again. We both have a cold although mine is mostly gone, I am hopeful that the husband’s will vanish too.

Sadly due to the unexpected trip and the sick, I had to cancel my ritual. I’ve got everything prepped, so it just means I need to reschedule. Not a big deal. Since I’m not sure Spring is really ready to be here yet anyway….


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