Astral: Animals

This is a dream/astral post, full of the randomness that my brain puts together at night.

I step into my astral temple. The Lady is there and with her is another Goddess. Introductions are made and I am told she is there to help.

My spirit animals are there and the Lady pets them and tells me that they are mine. Then she tells me that more will come and take notice. As she is speaking my vision is shifted and all I can see is a black lioness head. It has yellow and white dots on its face. I can feel myself spin slightly and a strange feeling fills my stomach.

Suddenly I am no longer in my astral temple. I am swimming in an underground cave and around me are alligators. I panic slightly and try to shift forms. I fail, but a hippo nudges me from behind and I climb on her back. She swims me out of the cave and down a river. I stand on her back and realize I am covered in snakes. I gently untangle them and let them swim free in the river. I also recognize the space, I had been there before a few years ago.

The hippo climbs onto the beach and I hop off. I thank her and call her Mother Hippo. She nods behind me and I turn and walk up the beach into pebbles and shrubbery. The Lady is waiting at the edge of the desert. We talk and then she sends me back to my temple.

Freyja appears and draws a line down my face. She tells me to be fierce, and whispers other things to me.

I come back to my body.


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