Ritual Decoration and shrines

I’ve been slowly trying to collect ritual props and decorations. So when I saw that fake flowers were 50% off at a local craft store I was excited. Some of the fake flowers are amazingly realistic, but they are also pretty pricey. I went and picked out a few of the cheaper ones to use as decorations on the altar.

The Lady was very excited over some of them, but I was on a budget. So I got what I needed and promised that when there is a larger budget I’ll get some other pieces.

flowersI got some black ones to use in the darker half of the year, and then some different coloured flowers to use at some of the other holidays. The light doesn’t do them justice, they are much prettier.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for next time the flowers go on sale and pick up some others. The roses were really pretty, and the tulips looked great too. I also like the longer ones that could drape over the altar. Next time.

When I got home I finished writing my Spring Equinox ritual and started getting things ready for it. I used plastic easter eggs and filled them with some different things for everyone. I like to have little things for people to take home from rituals.

I also spent a bit of time creating a bit of a shrine space. My dresser is covered in stones, crystals, and various statues and things, but it’s also a space I use to do my hair and other every day stuff. So since I tend to keep the curtains closed I decided to use the window sill. That way when I want to keep it private I close the curtains and no one knows it’s there.

Simple until I find the right piece of furniture to use.

Bast-shrineThe vial of sand is from Egypt, a friend brought it back for me. The bag of sand is from Afghanistan, my uncle brought it back after one of his military tours there. I found a jar to put it in, but I’m worried about losing some of it so I haven’t done the switch yet.

Things like this always makes me aware of how I have so many statues of Bast and various Egyptian things, but not much for my Horned One or any other deities. I have a hard time finding things I like for the Horned One. One of these days I will find the right piece of art work or something. Until then I use stones and other things to represent him.


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