It was a long day and it is shaping up to be a long week. My husband is still healing and working through the pain of his back being all out of wack and things. I was fairly certain that my brain shut off randomly throughout the day.

I prayed a lot. For a gentle day, to just get through the next hour, to have the energy to do what needed to be done.

I promised offerings. When I got home I could feel it nagging at my mind. “Yes! I know! Let me get it ready!”

So out into the cold I went to pour an offering into the planters. Vodka tonight. And then a shot glass was left on the window sill for them to enjoy. I told Freyja I was sorry I had no statue or art work to represent her, but until I found the right thing, and was sure she was staying, then it was what it was.

Of course I then found myself browsing art work. But so far nothing has felt right. So we carry on as we are.



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