Dream: Holy swords and Holy Ground

This is a dream/astral post, full of the randomness that my brain puts together at night.

I was in a room. The walls were white and there was no furniture. The floor was wood of some sort. I was surrounded by a few people. A man, whose face I never saw, another girl, who was on the floor, and a woman. She had long dark hair, was dressed in a blouse and pencil skirt and in her hands was a box.

The box began to shake and out of it came a long purple tentacle. The girl on the floor whimpered and I backed up into a wall. The woman told me if I closed my eyes and didn’t fight it wouldn’t be so bad. Thankfully my dream self blacked out once I closed my eyes.

When I awoke I was sitting on a couch. The woman was next to me and two men were on the other end. On the table in front of us was a laptop and several thick notepads. I knew some sort of legal thing was going on, I think I was trying to fight for my right to be free. The woman laughed and I knew that whatever was going on I had lost. Back to the room I was taken.

I left my body for a moment and hovered above. My body fell to its knees and I held my hands up. I was praying. Praying so amazingly hard. There were two men in the room with me and as I watched the air above my hands began to shimmer and a sword began to form. I snapped my spirit back into my body and with a sure movement stood and sliced the men in half.

I stood there for a moment with the Holy sword in my hands. It had a name and I knew it. Out the door I ran. I paused in the hall for just a moment and glanced at the other locked door. I knew there were other girls trapped, but I also knew I had to get free or I couldn’t save them.

The hallway had dark wood walls, a dark floor and a black iron banister. I can see the detail of it, the metal twisted and delicate. It was beautiful. I jumped over it and ran down the stairs. I could see a man at the bottom, he looked up in surprise and I let my sword slice into him. I then grabbed a chair and threw it through the window, then jumped out after it. The courtyard was stone and there were several black cars parked there.

I got in one and began to drive. The streets were narrow, the buildings tall and old-looking. Many were made of stone. I knew the car could be tracked so I set the cruise control and then rolled out the passenger door. The car rolled onwards down the street and I looked over at an ancient church.

I ran up the steps and into the giant doors. I ended up in the basement and several people were down there. I asked them if this was a real church with Sanctuary. One of them pointed at an area where the dirt was different looking. “That is the original holy ground” he told me.

I ran for it like it would save my life. The patch of dirt was darker and covered in flower petals. An old brick wall was there and I leaned against it. I knew they would come for me and I knew these other people would die. I held my sword up and then let the blade sink into the ground. They came, as I knew they would, and the people died. They stood around the semi-circle of holy ground and stared at me.

“You can’t touch me here” I told her. She was angry, whatever thing she had put in me had been purged when my body hit the holy spot. Her minions couldn’t get to me, they burned up as soon as they touched the dirt.

She came at me, her skin burning and blistering. She backed away screaming. I picked up a handful of the dirt and threw it at her face. I watched some of it sail into her mouth and she began to twist and shriek.

At this point I actually woke up for a moment, wrote this all down and fell back asleep. And right back into it.

Now though I wasn’t alone. A priest was with me and there was an altar in front of us. He was praying with me and I knew he had somehow hit the button to call for help. It was like the silent alarm at the bank, a special force would come. And they did. Once they had everyone pinned I pulled my sword out of the dirt, held it up and walked over to her.

She lay on the ground, burned, angry and defeated. I sliced her in half. She was hollow inside, and where her heart was supposed to be was the tentacle monster. I slammed my sword into it and sliced it to bits.

I felt like some sort of Holy Crusader. I had achieved my victory.

After that the dreams shifted to normal dreams. Dreams that I can’t remember, dreams that didn’t stand out. I woke up and all the details were still there. Vivid and amazingly clear. As my husband says I do have some crazy dreams. Its interesting though that all the violence happened, but I just knew it was happening, I didn’t actually see it. I knew the men were cut in half, but I didn’t see it. At the end though I did watch her burn. That I saw. That was vivid.


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