TGIF: Bye Feb!

So what can I say. We ended the week in Urgent Care because my hubby hurt his back. And yesterday I was home sick. So it wasn’t the best end to the week or the month. However, I am thankful I have good insurance so we can go to the dr.

I cut my hair at the beginning of the week. That was good. It was driving me crazy. When it gets too long I just want it gone. So I am back to my bob, and I am happy to have it out of my face. My headaches have lessened as well, so I am sure all that hair was causing some of them.

I ate a lot of bacon this week. That is always a good thing.

I’ve had some interesting ideas floating about my brain as I read all the fantastic blogs and discussions going on in the pagan world right now. And thankfully I have managed to miss any of the drama I occasionally see people mutter about.

I actually sat down and got some of my Spring Equinox ritual written and I have some other ideas for it. With any luck I will finish it up in the next week or two and can set a date. I am pretty done with winter and so hope we can welcome spring in and have it stick around. I’m sure I am not alone in this hope.

My challenge for the month is over. I hope the people who participated had fun! I will probably sit down tomorrow to write up about the last few days. For now I think I am going to break my diet, eat some chocolate and relax.


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