Cin’s Challenge-Connections

Originally I was going to spend some time talking to people for today. I did actually call a friend and chat and was then happy to see a gift I had mailed arrived today for someone else. But the day was a long one so I decided it was time to do something I hadn’t done in a while.

So after a nice hot shower to steam and relax I grabbed one of my quartz pieces and lit a candle and sat on the bed to meditate.

Candle-crystalI let the day fade away and felt myself sinking. Years ago I had a hard time getting into a meditative state but years of traveling and doing more meditation has helped me to find that relaxed zen.

I let the images come. I held them for a moment to recognize them and then let them go. Shapes passed me by, shadows became figures, and soon I found myself in my astral space.

I enjoyed the changes that had happened since last I was here. More shapes flicked in and out of my eye sight. Animals appeared. A white horse with the longest, yellowy/golden, crimped mane appeared. She was delicate and beautiful and then vanished through the ground.

My Lady appeared and I laid my head in her lap. She stroked my hair and whispered to me. Words that I couldn’t make out, but they comforted me. My animal helpers appeared and others I didn’t know flicked into view and then slunk away.

I pondered the symbols. I worked my magic. And then I let myself come back to my body. I enjoyed the flickering candle light and felt some of the tension vanish.

I stopped to look at the incense remains from the last offering I had placed. I offered up some thanks and then reminded myself to clean it up.

offeringsThey remind me though of prayer and thanks, hard days and surviving what the world throws at me. So maybe I’ll let them stay messy for a day or two more.


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