On Infertile Ground

I have several friends back home who have had to face infertility or know someone who has. I watched a friend on a long journey that had heartbreak and cried for her and her husband many times. I’ve watched friends fight their jealously when another friend has a pregnancy announcement. I’ve watched friends drift away because they can’t handle the feelings they have as they see other people’s kids.

I’ve also seen the rage and hurt when someone makes a ridiculous comment about “Hey when are you guys going to have a baby?” And that moment of silence that hangs as those of us who know how hard they are trying, fight to get our mouth closed and then figure out what response to say. I applaud my one friend who when faced with that question simply said “We are trying, please watch this mini video on infertility”

Its terrible and something that isn’t talked about much. Sometimes you don’t even know that a friend is suffering through it. Many couples hide it.

A friend of mine asked that people share this link to try to help support this documentary. I’m happy to do so in hopes it gets what it needs. Please check it out.


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  1. “I applaud my one friend who when faced with that question simply said “We are trying, please watch this mini video on infertility””

    I actually remember that incident, or one exactly like it that must be the same person, and I thought it was a graceful way of dealing with an invasive and painful question.

    I have found it interesting that Russ and I are almost never asked about this, though it wouldn’t be a painful question for us since we’re choosing not to have kids, but then I realized that the people most likely to ask something so personal correlates highly with the kinds of people who believe that you have to be married to have kids… no ring means no questions about babies.

    1. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for anyone who is dealing with this issue. Hopefully people become more aware and less insensitive about this and many other topics.

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