Dream: Through the looking glass

This is a dream/astral post, full of the randomness that my brain puts together at night.

I was looking for someone. Someone I had thought was dead and then found out was actually alive. I was searching all sorts of places and came to a room with a mirror. I  knew that something I needed for my search was here, but hidden in another realm or space. I propped the mirror up to show me the reflection of where the item would have been in this realm and letting my eyes go out of focus, I could see its reflection. Slowly I reached into the mirror and was able to pull it out.

Several days later in dream time I had to repeat this again to find something else.  This time I was in a graveyard though. I’m not sure what these items were, but I knew I had to have them.

I’m not sure where I was, but there were apartment buildings everywhere, tall and beat up. Laundry hung off of balconies and it was warm. I pushed my sunglasses back up to cover my eyes and waited on a corner. A man walked by and I grabbed him, slammed him up against a wall and kissed him. He was the one I had been searching for. He was in disguise but I knew his kiss. His grocery bag fell to the ground and we stared at each other.

Someone began to yell and then the dream shifted and was gone.


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