A quick challenge catch up.

First, my apologies to the people who follow via email. I didn’t think back dated posts would spam your in-box but apparently it did. I’m glad I didn’t decide to move the entire blog over!

Yesterday I dressed up a bit more for work. In the winter I tend to not bother because its so cold I have to wear all sorts of layers. But it was warmer and so I managed to ditch a few bulky layers. I’m not sure why wearing my blazers and dress pants makes me feel so much more in charge, but they do. I know looking professional and playing the part can give you more confidence so maybe that’s what it is. I feel more powerful and more “grown up” in my dress clothes then when I wear jeans and a t-shirt.

I spent a lazy sunday working on blog stuff and watching movies. Tonight after the gym I think I’ll pull out my embroidery and work on that a bit. It will be a nice way to create and zen out a bit.



2 thoughts on “A quick challenge catch up.

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but the emails of old posts didn’t bother me. Once I figured out that you weren’t on a huge writing binge, it was fun to glance through your old posts. You moved some of my favourite ones over.

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