TGIF: Love

Happy Valentines day if you observe it!

This week was a weird one, so much craziness! But I made it through and now its friday. I took in V-day cards for everyone at work today because I thought a bit of silliness would be good for us. Everyone had a laugh and someone else brought chocolates so the week ended on a good note.

The full moon is out and it is beautiful! As I rode the bus home I could stare out the window and watch the moon peek in and out of trees and buildings. I took the time to send out some thankful prayers.

The week is such a blur I don’t remember much! I do know I took time to colour one morning while I was waiting to start work. It was a nice and relaxing way to start the morning. I also finished off one book and am deciding what I want to read next.

Tonight to indulge we got all the fixings for a shrimp stir-fry and then some chips and a movie. We’ll be watching Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. We also got The Family, which we will watch sometime this weekend.

I’m a bit sore since I pushed myself at the gym the other night, but I am also pleased to see how I can start to push a bit. I’ll have muscles again one of these days!

I’ve also been pondering some changes to my blog, so don’t be alarmed if you see things moving around or vanishing.

Enjoy the weekend!


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